About Us

Supporting the Cleveland real estate investing community

Who We Are

Great Lakes Real Estate Investors Association, LLC is a privately held firm headquartered in Independence, Ohio… just a short commute from downtown Cleveland. The company was founded in 2011 with the belief that through Knowledge, Action and Networking, Real Estate Investors in Northeast Ohio can attain greater levels of success. Additionally, we believe strongly that there is strength in numbers and through coordinated efforts we can make a positive impact on Real Estate Investment activities not only in Ohio but across the nation.

We bring together business minded Real Estate Investing professionals who meet on a regular basis to share information, leads & contacts along with helping one another further their realty investing career. Together, we create and deliver a roadmap to success.

Great Lakes REIA is not your typical association. Talented, driven, principled and success oriented people who are passionate about this business have come together simply because they are motivated to help others achieve their highest levels of success. Whether working with investors new to the business or seasoned professionals, our members start seeing the benefits of this organization immediately. We believe that there is not substitute for hard work.



What We Do

We Provide Information, Training, and Coaching to Help Entrepreneurs Rapidly Grow Their Businesses

Great lakes Real Estate Investors Association teaches proven real estate investing strategies for new and experienced real estate investors. You’ll discover how to attract buy and sell properties and network with other investors in the Cleveland Ohio area. Real Estate investing strategies are revealed every month to our members, at our live meetings, subgroups meetings and through online membership area so you can get started immediately. If you want to get the strategies you need to have the real estate investing business of your dreams Great Lakes Real Estate Investors Association is the place for you.



Great Lakes REIA is an organization dedicated to serving real estate investors doing business in the Northeastern Ohio area. Our goal is to provide our members with quality education, networking opportunities and other resources to help grow their real estate investing businesses and achieve financial freedom. We believe that it is vitally important to educate, support and uplift the real estate investing community throughout the Northeast Ohio area. Doing so will not only have a positive effect on the lives of our members, but also on the people they do business with and the neighborhoods they invest in.